The portfolio archive you are looking at (or about to enter) is containing work made by Maurits Rozema. The works are in chronological order and show old pieces but it is also regularly updated with new content and projects. It is thereby a extending archive, a website to return to a couple of times a year, for you to watch.
   I'm currently living and especially studying at the graphic design department of my art-school, HKU in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
   I learn by doing and seeing. My work is based on concept or idea and never image or form only. Writing, reading and thinking before making are important to me. Inspiration ranges from architecture to nature, design, politics, fashion, interviews, objects, cultures etc. I can and want to think in different ways and make decisions in design to express and to communicate this. Always looking for a new possibility whenever possible but only if necessary. This expresses in the choices I make, having studied graphic design, multi media design (websites) and video editing, having done internships at a corporate design studio Het Noorden Communiceert (The Netherlands), with photographer Rutger Prins (The Netherlands) who calls his way of working "special graphics" due to the many photoshop skills he uses, and with Grant-Ru Li at Lava Beijing (China) to learn more about design in China and how culture could or should influence concept rather then form. I learned to be a assistant and to be a director. I like to make clothing, jewellery and taking photos as a serious hobby and way of keeping my creative mind busy.
   So for me, everything feels possible. Enjoy my works, feel free to ask anything, and please keep in touch!
maurits mattheüs jan rozema
+31 6 27 29 66 06
skype: mauritsrozema
qq: 7381205730
wall drawing 2014 . 01
mar. 2014
—6 photos
China 2013 part 01: Chongqing visit
apr. 2013
—177 photos
"estômago" poster design
okt. 2012
—1 photo
wall drawing
may 2012
—10 photos
3D futura font design
may 2011
—2 photos
"the last card" video to end this portfolio archive. it shows a business card I made in early 2011.
maurits rozema . nl 2014