After having had a year of design experience all around China, I got back to the Netherlands, graduated and worked for Kummer & Herrman and Foam Lab as a graphic designer. Throughout my career and 8 years of design education I have gained a wide variety of experiences and interests in a broad range of disciplines and worlds, whilst still being able to approach and connect everything with graphic design.

Graphic design, book design, exhibition design, art-direction, advertising, branding and marketing are part of my experience and interest.

To read reference letters by Michiel Schuurman, Kirsten Algera, Simona Kicurovska, Guanru Li and Rutger Prins, you can by sending me an e-mail.
Maurits MJ Rozema
Current location
The Netherlands
Dutch nationality
(fluent in Dutch and English)

Contact details
NL +31 6 27 29 66 06
Skype mauritsrozema
Linkedin mauritsrozema
QQ 7381205730