Foam LINK Room Araki
Exhibition design
(For the exhibition Araki Ojo Shashu in the
Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam)

Concept – Foam Lab team
Research / writing – Tijmen Dalhuijsen,
Bram Prins, Marius Schwarz
Made possible by Foam Amsterdam

Dec. 2014

The LINK Room is a room within the photography museum Foam,
Amsterdam that you visit after seeing the exhibition (Araki Ojo Shashu
12/2014 – 03/2015). Four series of Araki's work where chosen and connected
with other artworks and artists. Our hope was that by visiting this room,
you would get a better understanding of the meaning of Araki's work and
be inspired by seeing and discovering new artists.

– Traineeship Foam Lab
Foam Lab is a team and traineeship within the Foam Photography
museum Amsterdam. Selected out of 200+ applications, a multi-disciplinary
team of eight was chosen. We are responsible for creating new ideas and
approaches for the museum to renew its position within the field.